1 day in Sao Paulo: Travel Itinerary

If you are visiting Sao Paulo and are looking forward to visiting the best city attractions in 1 day here is our suggestion of things to do.

One day in Sao PauloMASP Sao Paulo

Things to see in 1 day in Sao Paulo

  • Paulista Avenue (It is served by 4 Subway Stations: Consolação | Trianon – Masp | Brigadeiro | Paulista)
  • Oscar Freire
  • Ibirapuera Park

Start your day visiting the Paulista Avenue, one of the most important avenues in Sao Paulo. The avenue has almost 3 km and features many museums, theaters, cinemas, exhibition halls and large bookstores. Some of the attractions include the MASP Museum, Itaú Cultural, Casa das Rosas.

Located not far from Paulista Avenue (2,5 km) is Oscar Freire, the most elegant street in Sao Paulo, also where you will find the the famous Brazilian brands Havaianas and Melissa stores.

Located 3.1 km from Oscar Freire, Ibirapuera Park offers several cultural attractions including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Modern Art (MAM), Afro-Brazil Museum, Oca do Ibirapuera, Japanese Pavilion, Biennial Pavilion.

1 day Itinerary Map

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